The David Duke Show: Zio Smear Tactics

David Duke
July 21, 2015


Dr. Duke used the latest Donald Trump controversy as an example of the power of the Zio press to smear and discredit anyone who ruffles their feathers. He recounted his own experiences to show how pretty much any public figure is vulnerable to some little event or spurious connection being manipulated by the press. Even Queen Elizabeth is being smeared with an 80-year-old film of her playing on her lawn.

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the Iranian nuclear deal, pointing out the fundamental unfairness of Iran having to concede rights it has under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty while Israel has a giant stockpile of nukes aimed all over the world. They also discussed the outrage of the Pope being tried by Jewish religious authorities for his “anti-Semitism.”

This show will get you riled up. Go rile up your friends, too!