The David Duke Show: Zio-origin of the Terrorism and Genocide Against the European People

David Duke
November 22, 2015


Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof Prove the Zio-origin of the terrorism and genocide against the European people!

Dr. Duke started the show with a review of the relevent history of the Middle East, from Madeline Albright’s defense of the killing of a half million Iraqi children (Dr. Duke played the quote from her interview with Leslie Stahl) to the Zio massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. He noted that now both the Zio Democrats and the Zio Republicans are calling for a no-fly zone in Syria, pointing out that ISIS has no air force so the action would actually protect ISIS from the Syrian and Russian air forces that are attacking it!

Pastor Mark Dankof joined the show and stated that what the United States needs to do is to withdraw U.S.-Israeli Zio Alliance support for ISIS so that the Syrian government and its allies can defeat ISIS.

This show features the precious commodity of common sense that is completely lacking in the main stream media. Please share it widely.