The David Duke Show: Words of Inspiration and the Music of Malukah

David Duke
September 2, 2015


Today Dr. Duke quoted Ben Gurion, the founding Prime Minister of Israel, asserting is faith in Jewish racial superiority. While America’s Jewish cultural elite has done everything within its power to brainwash European Americans into self-loathing, Dr. Duke ticked off an amazing list of achievements that should make any European proud of his or her heritage. He then played two inspiring songs from Malukah, a Mexican composer whose music reflects the traditional beauty of her European heritage.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out the bogus nature of Jewish claims of moral superiority. He said that these claims are based on a completely ethnocentric view of morality rooted in Jewish tribal interests. He and Dr. Duke compared the beauty of traditional European music and poetry to the cesspool of filth and degeneracy represented by last night’s Zio MTV Music Awards.

This was an inspirational show that will instill you with the hope and faith that, together, we will take back our societies before they have been forever ruined by a Zio elite that works for our destruction. Please inspire your friends today!