The David Duke Show: Why We Must Always Expose Jewish Lies

David Duke
January 4, 2017

Today Dr. Duke had Dr. Patrick Slattery as his guest. They talked about the various approaches for dismantling the prevailing Jewish narrative of white evil that is used to demoralize our people and to get many of us to collaborate in our own demographic destruction. They took apart the narrative that whites need to feel guilty about slavery, demonstrating how, far from being continually oppressed by the legacy of slavery, today’s black American population has benefited massively from the labors of their ancestors in a way that the descendants of hardly any other agricultural labor force has benefited.

They also talked about the special discrimination that whites encounter at the elite levels of society. This is particularly evident in universities and the media. For instance, the pathway to elite media positions gets choked off by the massive over-representation of blacks in local TV news programs.

This show will help you take your understanding of our situation to the next level. Please share it widely.