The David Duke Show: Why the (((Deep State))) Hates Russia, Syria, Lebanon, & Iran

David Duke
January 3, 2018

Today Dr. Duke talked about recent developments in Iran. We are being told that we need to launch a war against Iran because the Iranian government is mean to its people and the people don’t like the government. Dr. Duke pointed out that our own Congress has an approval rating of only 15%, and that our government is actively trying to replace our country’s population with foreign immigrants. How could anything that Iran is accused of be more against the interests of their population that what our government is doing.

Then he brought on British author Andrew Hitchcock to discuss this and other issues.Together with Dr. Slattery, they compared what is now happening in Iran with the Zio-American and Israel intervention in the politics of Iran in the past, as well as Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. Mr. Hitchcock revealed the names of the seven oligarchs who took over the bulk of the Russian economy in the 1990s.

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