The David Duke Show: When the Jewish Media Lies, White People Die!

David Duke
January 5, 2016

Today Dr. Duke had Don Advo and Eric Striker as his guests. They had a round table discussion of the horrific kidnapping and torture case involving four black men and women livecast their violence against a mentally retarded white man for 48 hours. Although video of them screaming anti-white and anti-Trump epithets at him has gone viral, the black Chicago chief of police refuses to say that crime was racially motivated.

They brought up a ten-year old double murder/rape case of a young white couple at the hands of five black men and women in Tennessee. This was almost totally ignored by the Zionist national media, while Michael Brown is being promoted as a national hero. The fact is that blacks, who are violent enough in the first place, are being completely weaponized against whites by the Jewish media.

This is a real blockbuster of a show that will get you motivated. Please share it widely.