The David Duke Show: “We Wuz Kangz” Black Panther Lies is Jewish Anti-White Propaganda

David Duke
February 19, 2018

Today Dr. Duke and British author Andrew Hitchcock discussed a variety of topics, starting with the new Zio Hollywood blockbuster movie Black Panther. They noted how humiliating it should be for blacks to have their only advanced civilization being a figment of the imagination of a Jewish comic book writer. Meanwhile, the dozens of black majority countries around the world are all mired in crime and violence and poverty, as are most of the black neighborhoods in white countries.

They went on to discuss the propaganda that African countries are permanently stunted by their experience with colonialism. The fact is that colonialism in Africa started late and never penetrated the societies very deeply, in stark contrast to places like India, Southeast Asia, or even China. However, these Asian countries have much more successfully adopted the technologies and institutions introduced during colonialism and have been able to continue to develop on their own since the end of colonialism.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.