The David Duke Show: Vicious Jewish Lies and Fake News About Donald Trump & Russia

David Duke
January 14, 2017

Today Dr. Duke and British activist and author Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the completely fabricated Golden Showergate scandal, which Dr. Duke described as “fake news by real powerful Jews.” The uber-Jewish CNN was completely out in front on this fake story designed to discredit Trump and cripple his efforts to improve relations with Russia and avoid WORLD WAR III! Mark Collett referenced an article written by fellow Brit and former CNN host Piers Morgan which describes the CNN narrative as “bullshit.”

Mark Collett contrasted the MSM readiness to jump on the outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations against Trump with its complete failure to report on the truth contained in the leaked Hillary emails that showed her complicity in the creation of ISIS and her many other crimes. They also discussed the appearance by Professor Stephen F. Cohen on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox, where he exposed the motives behind the MSM attempts to discredit Trump.

This show is a goldmine of information and analysis that you will want to spread far and wide.