The David Duke Show: Twitter Shut Down After Exposing Obama Crimes and Urging Trump to Prosecute!

David Duke
March 6, 2017

Today Dr. Duke talked about having his very popular Twitter account shut down simply because he called on President Trump to prosecute members of the Obama Administration for serious crime they committed. It would seem that the people who run Twitter have a problem with the rule of law. They certainly have never had a problem with the Jewish supremacists who use Twitter as a platform to spread their warmongering and anti-white genocidal ideas!

Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that all these new reports about crimes committed by the Obama administration are actually things that have been talked about on the David Duke show for years, such as supporting ISIS. The desperate tactics that the enemy is resorting to are evidence of the dramatic victories we are winning!

This is another great show. Please share it widely.