The David Duke Show: Trump’s Victory is a Victory for All of Us

David Duke
January 19, 2017

Today Dr. Duke talked about the hopeful prospects of a Trump presidency, provided that he keeps his main promises: building a wall, fair trade, law and order, and an America first foreign policy. This would give us some demographic breathing space, make our lives more tolerable, and reduce the risk of an insane war with Russia. While Trump cannot name the Jew, the fact that he was opposed by the Jewish power structure more fiercely than any major presidential candidate in history indicates that they view him as suspect.

He then brought on Attorney Don Advo. He talked about the irony of Martin Luther King’s widow being forced out of her house due to fear of black crime and moving for her own safety (with the financial help of Oprah) to a neighborhood of southern whites, who are always billed as the biggest threat to blacks! They also discussed how Jews are trying to sow discord among white nationalists and how to avoid this pitfall.

This is another great show. Please share it widely.