The David Duke Show: Trump’s Transformation into a True Warrior for US

David Duke
October 15, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had activist Mark Collett from the U.K. as his guest for the hour. They talked about the fact that Donald Trump is increasingly taking off the gloves and speaking more bluntly about the dishonesty of the media, the corruption of the system, and the disconnect between the interests of the people and those that actually run the country via their paid political puppets.

They also talked about Facebook shutting down Dr. Duke’s fan page. The reason Facebook grew so fast and made Zuckerberg so much money was the idea that anyone could use it. He is reneging on an implicit guarantee, and selectively blocking someone from making legal and protected speech simply because he opposes Dr. Duke’s policies. This is further evidence of the biased and controlled media.

This is a great show for weekend listening. Please share it widely.