The David Duke Show: Trump’s Manipulation of (((Deep State))) on North Korea & the Real Power Behind the Immivasion

David Duke
March 10, 2018

Today Dr. Duke, Mark Collett, and Dr. Slattery discussed the new latest developments regarding North Korea. Dr. Slattery voiced the view that North Koreans have ALWAYS feared an imminent attack and have ALWAYS wanted nothing more than to meet face to face with the American President in order to sign a peace treaty and receive security guarantees. So in fact, Trump’s sabre rattling was nothing new to North Korean ears, but rather was intended to strike fear in the hearts of his domestic opponents who had slammed in statements last year in which he said he would be “honored” to meet Kim Jong-un.

Also Dr. Duke and Mark Collett got into the finer points of the relationship between Jewish power and Muslim immigration.

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