The David Duke Show: “Trump Must Now Expose and Destroy Hillary for Her Treason!”

David Duke
October 12, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had Dr. Slattery as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke introduced his listeners to recently leaked emails showing that Hillary and her campaign chairman John Podesta knew that Saudi Arabia was a major financial backer of ISIS, something that Dr. Duke has been reporting all along. Yet that same Saudi Arabia has given tens of millions of dollars to the corrupt Clinton Foundation while she as Secretary of State was pushing $60 billion worth of weapons transfers to the extremist kingdom. Dr. Duke urged Trump to focus his campaign on Hillary’s treason, which more than justifies his debate call to have her investigated.

Dr. Slattery said that Trump needs to stick to three key issues, and should tied any debate or press question to one of them. 1) Hillary’s support for ISIS. 2) Her support for open borders, which was also revealed by the leaked emails. 3) Her support for Black Lives Matter criminality over law and order. He added that any white person who votes for Hillary is crazy and needs to get his or her priorities straight. He said not all Jews hate whites, but Hillary is working for the ones who do. He also said how critical it is to get Dr. Duke into the Senate, where he can trail blaze a path of truth and create space for Trump to operate.

This is a tremendously informative show that you will want to share widely.