The David Duke Show: Time to Impale to Jewish Racist Supremacists on Their Own Sword

David Duke
December 5, 2017

Today Dr. Duke had a show devoted to the concept of racism. The word “racism” came into the modern lexicon courtesy of the Jewish communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. The term initially referred to the hatred and repression of other peoples based on the concept of race. In the wake of the ethnic violence of World War II, it started to be viewed as an ultimate evil. However, the definition has become very fluid and situational, with the mere observation of any difference between races being called racists and viewed as an equal evil to the desire to genocide or enslave other races.

What is ironic is that the very same Jewish tribe that wields the term racist to attack and destroy white people actually are by any definition the most racist group on earth, with their Jewish State of Israel being far and above the most institutionally racist society on the planet. The only thing that keeps these obvious facts from being talked about is the Jewish power to stifle the discussion of Jewish power.

This show was NOT just another powerful show filled with information. It was THE powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.