The David Duke Show: This is the Day We Begin to Take America Back!

David Duke
November 8, 2016


Today Dr. Duke expressed his confidence that he and Donald Trump were headed to electoral success, but that no matter what the outcome the people have been awakened and that we are now in a position to take back our society. Dr. Slattery then pointed out the monumental effort made by Dr. Duke and the enormous sacrifices he has made and the real physical risks he has endured in order to give us a voice, and offered his heartfelt thanks.

They then when on to discuss the possibilities that could emerge from today’s vote. While Hillary has been rattling the sabres for a war with Russia, the mass awakening that is occurring would hopefully lead those needed in the military to make a war happen to reject orders which could destroy civilization.

This is a historic show for a historic day. Now go out there and vote for Trump and Duke!