The David Duke Show: The War on Christmas and European Mankind

David Duke
December 26, 2015


Dr. Duke talked about the Zionist attack on Christmas. There are a slew of Christmas movies that have come out in recent years that make fun of Christian traditions, including a new one from Seth Rogen that has him vomiting in a church wearing an “ugly Christmas sweater” with a star of David on it.

He and Dr. Slattery also talked about Dr. Duke’s recent interview with Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks in which Cenk repeated all of Alex Jones defenses of Jewish domination of society, only in a voice an octive higher. Dr. Duke then recalled an old interview he did years ago with Sasha Baron Cohen of Borat fame which Cohen now tries to smother.

This was a fun and interesting show that you don’t want to miss.


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