The David Duke Show: The Vicious Ultra-racist Anti-White, Weinstein Bros. Hate Flick The Hateful 8

David Duke
December 29, 2015


Dr. Duke talked about the new Quintin Tarantino film “the Hateful Eight” which includes a scene of the black hero of the movie, Samuel L. Jackson, forcing gay sex on a young white man at gunpoint before he kills him. He points out that Tarantino, who works for the Jewish Weinstein brothers, is just one of the more over-the-top sabboth goyim who do the bidding of Hollywood’s Jewish paymasters.

He then brings on Pastor Mark Dankof and Dr. Patrick Slattery, who discuss the cultural subversion of traditional European society that the film represents. They also talk about the intellectual subversion that leaves the masses of white people unable to recognize the hatefulness of this anti-white racist propaganda and leaves them vulnerable to Hollywood’s dangerous messages.

This is a show that you need to share with your friends and relatives.


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