The David Duke Show: The Trump-Clinton Debate and the Trump Surge

David Duke
September 28, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had Don Advo as his guest for the hour. They talked about Dr. Duke’s successful defense of the statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans in the face of an attempt by Black Lives Matter radicals to tear it down. They also talked about the demographic replacement of white people in California by Mexicans, who have been crossing the border illegally and have become a massive burden on the welfare system.

They then moved on to the debate. Dr. Duke was pleased with Donald Trump overall but offered constructive criticism on certain points. It was noted that Trump never talked about immigration, which is his signature issue, and missed opportunities to go after Hillary on her incredible vulnerabilities regarding the content of her emails, her culpability for Syria, her support for Black Lives Matter, etc.

This was another great show. Listen, share and support Dr. David Duke’s Campaign for the U.S. Senate.