The David Duke Show: The Next Days in Syria Will Determine Whether We Live or Die

David Duke
April 12, 2018

Today Dr. Duke provided a brilliant analysis of what is going on with Trump and Syria. He noted that President Trump is tweeting that the cause of the bad relationship between Russia and the United States is the Mueller investigation, which is absolutely correct as it is prevented Trump from holding a summit meeting with Putin where the two men could work on the many shared interests of their respective populations. This statement is extremely important, because he is not blaming the bad relations on Russia behavior, but rather on his domestic opponents, and one can certainly hope he won’t go to war just to please the people who are trying to destroy him.

Dr. Duke also invoked the 1962 Cuban missiles crisis, when the US and USSR came to the brink of nuclear war. Of course, our weaponry 56 years later is that much more lethal, so the situation is really much more dangerous. Still, the Cuban missile crisis ended without a military exchange and with an upgrading of communications between the two superpowers. One can hope that Trump will take the advise of former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev and meet with president Putin in order to extricate humanity from this Jewish-created crisis.