The David Duke Show: The Magnificent Victory of Donald Trump Against the Globalist Warmongers and Criminals

David Duke
November 9, 2016


Today Dr. Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof discuss the historic victory achieved last night. Although Dr. Duke came up short amidst the most unfair and rigged system in his own bid for the U.S. Senate, there is no doubt that the Alt-Right movement that propagated Dr. Duke’s narrative far and wide was decisive in Donald Trump’s win last night.

With just enough of our people having woken up in the nick of time, we can now avoid the global Armageddon that Hillary’s Zio handlers were lurching towards. But there is much work to be done. We need to build a wall and even more importantly repeal the 1965 immigration act. We need to build our own media so that the American voters are no longer fed lies and deceit unchallenged. And most of all, we need to “red pill” the public to the existence of Jewish domination of our society so that we truly can take back our country and Make America Great Again.