The David Duke Show: The Jewish War on Christmas

David Duke
December 19, 2017

Today Dr. Duke and British author and Andy Hitchcock had a wide ranging discussion on a number of issues. First, they talked about the meaning of Christmas in white countries and the Jewish attack on Christmas. They also got into revelation about the Jewish lawyer Lisa Bloom brokering deals involtving huge sums of money to entice women to come forward with accusations of (((sexual misconduct))) against Donald Trump.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and tied Russiagate and the entrapment of General Flynn into this effort at a Jew d’etat against Donald Trump, which includes metooism, Russiagate, and whatever “insurance policy” that FBI agents and Jewish lawyers on the Mueller team have up their sleeves. Finally, Mr. Hitchcock recounted the history of the 19th Century Opium War unleashed on the Chinese people by the Jewish Sassoon family, which bears striking resemblance to the current opiate crisis engineered by the Jewish Sackler family.

This show was another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.