The David Duke Show: The Jewish Origin of Yellow Journalism & How it Affected the Alabama Senate Race

David Duke
December 14, 2017

Today Dr. Duke talked about “yellow journalism,” a form of sensationalized journalism aimed at promoting acceptance of a political agenda that was originated by the Jewish publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The attacks on Roy Moore by Jewish-backed accusers whose main evidence was an admittedly forged signature in a high school year book were sensationalized to the extent that a liberal Democrat won a state-wide race in one of the most Republican states in the union.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and recalled that when the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, the Jewish-run Tablet Magazine published an article describing Weinstein’s actions as not be motivated by “horniness” the way Bill Clinton’s were, but rather were an example of Jewish revenge against the goyim. Thus, Dr. Slattery argued that the fire that Weinstein started shouldn’t spread to Roy Moore or even Al Franken, but rather should spread to other examples of Jewish attacks against white people, like those found in the advertising industry, the local news media, and Jewish academia.

This show was another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.