The David Duke Show: The Jewish Hate and Genocide Menorah at the White House

David Duke
December 8, 2015


In a very special Chanukkah show, Dr. David Duke exposed the actual racist and hateful roots of the “festival of lights” which actually celebrates the massacre of Greeks and moderate Jews by extremist Maccabee Jewish extremists. He also highlighted the incredible double standard by which the racist Chabad Lubavich movement is able to place a Jewish menorah right in front of the White House, while the display of Christian symbols such as manger scenes on public land is forbidden.

Then Dr. Slattery joins the show and they talk about the on-going assault on European American heritage. Dr. Slattery points out the irony of black students at Princeton University, the vast majority of whom are there solely due to the racial preferences of affirmative action, protesting the naming of a campus building after President Woodrow Wilson (himself a former president of Princeton University) due to Wilson having been a “racist.”

Say “Happy Holidays” by spreading around this show, and people will understand which X-mas has become a four letter word.


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