The David Duke Show: The Jewish Establishment’s Attack on Free Speech

David Duke
December 30, 2016

Today Dr. Duke had British activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the selective application of the idea of “freedom of speech” to speech that promotes Jewish interest while speech in defense of European interests in increasingly banned. Just as “Merry Christmas” has become something you are not supposed to say in polite company, terms like “mommy and daddy” are being shunned in favor of more inclusive gender neutral terms. Ultimately this impacts our ability to promote healthy families.

They went on to discuss the Jewish-led destruction of Western nations through multiculturalism while promoting a ethnostate in Israel that can function as a military base for the massive Jewish nuclear arsenal holding the rest of the world hostage. Dr. Slattery joined the discussion.

This is a show that will enlighten you on some of the most fundamental issues of our time. Please share it widely.