The David Duke Show: The Jewish Attack on Christmas

David Duke
December 2, 2015


Today Dr. Duke explained the sad state of affairs in the United States, where the Christian symbols like the cross and manger scenes are forbidden from public land, yet giant minorahs are displayed right in front of the White House. This in a country that has the largest Christian population in the world and but is only 2% Jewish.

This situation reflects the true power structure in America. The courts have forbidden the cross because the courts are dominated by Jews. The media has a war on Christmas because the media is owned by Jews. Yet in that media you hear so-called conservatives blame “liberals” or “atheists”, when in fact the true forces behind the destruction of Christian values and European people and culture are Jews.

This is vital show that you must share with your friends and family as we head towards yet another “Holiday season” devoid of the celebration of Christmas and Christian values.