The David Duke Show: The Jewdicial Coup in Overturning the Rights of the President of the United States

David Duke
February 12, 2017

Today Dr. Duke had British activist and author Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. Mark Collett recently release a book, The Fall of Western Man. They discussed the ruling against President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from seven problematic Middle Eastern Countries by the Ninth Circuit Court. Dr. Slattery joined to list existing U.S. immigration laws that specifically favor Jewish immigration to the United States.

They also talked about Dr. Duke’s book, My Awakening. My Awakening is available in print from this website, and is also available as a free audio book. The book provides a encyclopedia of information that expose Jewish supremacism and the lie that race is simply a social construct with no basis in reality.

This is a very educational show that you should share widely.