The David Duke Show: The Incredible Psychopathy of Jewish Chutzpah & Why it Redpills Us

David Duke
November 13, 2017

Today Dr. Duke talked about the incredible chutzpah of the Jewish people, who will openly brag about Jewish control over the major power institutions of our society while viciously attacking any goy who hints that Jews have even “disproportional influence” over anything. He read from his latest article on the subject, which can be found at

Dr. Slattery joined the show and described a spectrum of Jewish chutzpah, running from those who openly brag about Jewish power to those who just can’t help but let the cat out of the bag. Then He and Dr. Duke talked about a cyclical struggle between the Jews and the goyim that is fueled by Jewish paranoia and anti-social behavior.

This is another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.