The David Duke Show: The Great Debate

David Duke
August 20, 2015


Today Dr. Duke had another dynamite show. The debate has resulted in a big upswing in new visitors to, as Jones’ listeners obviously liked what Dr. Duke had to say. In his postmortem of his debate with Alex Jones he again expressed his appreciation to Jones for being invited on the show and recognized the important areas of agreement between himself and Mr. Jones, but also noted the weakness in Jones’ blindspot regarding Jewish tribal domination of our society, and by proxy of the world.

He also noted that even though Jones heavily advertised the Debate it has vanished from Jone’s website. He hopes the debate will be put back and that he won’t try to suppress the debate from his own supporters on InfoWars. Certainly they have a right to know, and if he suppresses the debate on his own site it really makes him look bad. Dr. Duke is not trying to make him look bad, but suppressing the video to his own subscribers cannot be hidden and is not worthy of him and his own opposition to political correctness!

Dr. Slattery pointed out that Jones is mis-identifying who is dividing us. Listening to Jones one would think that “leftists” are dividing Jews from Gentiles. Jewish domination of the controlling heights of our society is obvious, and Dr. Slattery contended that Jewish tribalists get the “left” to implement their social agenda just as the Jewish Neocon-dominated “right” pushes Jewish foreign policy priorities, as the Republican debates make abundantly clear.

The full HD version of the Duke-Jones debate is below. Please copy this version and repost it, and request that Alex Jones puts it back up on his site.