The David Duke Show: The Elite Who Control America Don’t “Just Happen to be Jewish”

David Duke
March 14, 2018

Today Dr. Duke had Attorney Don Advo as his guest for the hour. They discussed the nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Dr. Duke pointed out her disgraceful history running CIA torture chambers overseas and her unauthorized destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes. It is unclear whether the Senate will confirm her.

Then they talked about the nature of the Jewish elite in the United States. Dr. Duke emphasized that these are not simply talented individuals who rose to the top and are pursuing the national interest or even personal self interest, but rather the Jews are highly ethnocentric, engage in massive ethnic networking and nepotism in order to help each other rise, and they pursue their group interest, which they see as being diametrically opposed to the interest of white Europeans.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.