The David Duke Show: The Commie-Style Suppression of Freedom in the West & the Insane USA Support for ISIS

David Duke
October 10, 2016


Today Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo talked about the American government’s insane support for the forces trying to overthrow the secular Syrian government, including ISIS and al Qaeda. The United States is now at the brink of war with Russia because Russia has been helping the Syrian government defeat ISIS.

They also talked about the loss of freedoms that have been part and parcel of this completely contrived “War on Terror.” Due to its machinations in the Middle East, the Zio-dominated American government has created terrorist enemies for the American people, whose freedoms are stripped from them in the name of protecting them from these same terrorists. They also get into the great harm that free trade does to American workers.

This is a great show. Please spread it widely.