The David Duke Show: The Alex Jones Debate and Naming the Jew w/ Kevin MacDonald

David Duke
August 19, 2015

David Duke on the Alex Jones show.

Dr. Duke thanked Alex Jones for having him on his show for two hours yesterday and encouraged him to post the full debate on his website. Currently, only a snippet of the debate is being aired on Jones’ main channel, despite him having promoted the debate for days. In addition the show was misnamed “Epic War of Words with the KKK.” Hopefully people will go to his website and respectfully protest this tiny clip and the absolutely deceptive title.

He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to explain the evidence that the Jewish people are a biologically and genetically identifiable group. Professor MacDonald commented that the media filters out any discussion of even the most obvious and undeniable aspects of Jewish power, which results in the average person being unable to process evidence of Jewish supremacism even when they are confronted with it. This made Dr. Duke’s opportunity to speak at length to Alex Jones’ audience so valuable. Professor MacDonald and Dr. Duke also presented evidence not just of the massive Jewish over-representation in the various aspects of the American elite but also their ability to repress discussion of Jewish power.

This was an incredible show. Everyone should send it to their friends, especially if they are Alex Jones listeners.



  1. Excellent show Dr. Duke & great work taking down jonestein 🙂

  2. The best part was when Jones pulled out a jew controller to prove that Dr Duke was wrong about jews controlling everything.

  3. i don’t know why people spend so much time trying to understand the jew. We all know they have to go, all we need to do is make them go. Who cares why they do what they do…

  4. Duke should interview William Finck.

  5. Even though he can see a jew everywhere he looks, Jones actually believes that the KKK exists and controls America today.

  6. I’ve been blaring Dr. Duke across my FM station here in Australia for a while now. The Jew Wife Jones slaughter episode will fit in nicely.

  7. Alex, divorce your Jew wife and Jew producer. The scales falling from your eyes will be of biblical proportion.

  8. Jones is a fantastic conspiracy theorist who can’t recognize an actual Jewish conspiracy when it hits him in the face.

  9. Hello, I’m new to this and this may be a silly question. What good (or bad) would do to the jews if it is prove that they are a biologically and genetically identifiable group.

    • Not a silly question at all. This is bad for the Jews. Once the biological, genetic differences are fully comprehended by Gentiles, Jews tend to get expelled. This is why most Jews freak out when they’re identified as Jews.

    • Once everyone sees how most of the sick porno and entertainment, lying media, war industry, and fractional reserve banking swindling, and other lower level scamming is Jew owned, then realize they are a distinct biological race, the gentiles will realize all this psychopathy is genetic and that there is no way to peacefully coexist with them in the same geographic territory.

    • The Jews claim to the ‘gentile’ populations that they are not a race, which is why they screech about the anti-semitism of Germany and National Socialism.
      They have claimed for the longest time that they are just a religion and not a race, even though there are non-religious ‘Jews’ in the world, still identifying as ‘Jewish’.
      In the USA they make up only 2% of the population, yet have control over various industries and positions in government. Then when you look at the fact they only make up .2% of the entire world population it’s kind of hard to believe they got to the top by playing fair, especially when so many of them deny or hide their Jewish ancestry.

      A good book to read is by a Jew, Israel Shahak “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”. Shahak was a professor and educated in the ancient languages, he translates portions of the Talmud for non-Jews to understand Jewish Supremacism.

    • It already is proven that they are a race.

      It is as Holy Scripture tells it.

    • if youre new to this, look for the guys with depth and correct material: Prof. Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Herve Ryssen!, take your time with it and start with these. Do not rush to conclusions about delicate questions around the issue. Look for the basics with MacDonald.

      Consider this then:
      The jews have high trauma rates and alexithymia scores (blindness to emotion) because of trauma from genital mutilation on 8 day old baby boys WITHOUT narcosis. See study below. Another effect of circumcision on the 8th day, the day of a hormonal cycle, is being prone to psychopathic tendency, which Roger Dommergue, born jewish, tells us about in the video below. This is crucial material and key to understand jewish psychopathology. Please view, share and spread this material. For sure the venomous jewish ideology and race plays a part in it as well. But one main damage in jews is from trauma and hormonal effects due to their blood ritual on the 8th day after birth.…271664388.html

      It is the kicker biological fact on their racial make up and ideological programming.

    • Hey Karl, hope you stick around. Anyway, like the others were saying, there’s lot of info here and out in the internet, maybe you have to do some digging but it’s there. For starters, historically, Jews were expelled from 109 different nations and this is the last incident which happened last year:

  10. So did anyone get a JEW count? I guess this puts the baby to bed on Dr. Duke not naming the Jew!

  11. A well earned victory lap for the good doctor.

  12. Duke hasn’t been a member of the Klan in almost 40 years, people are still dragging this tired old $!#@ around as an epithet because what Duke says is perfectly reasonable, and they have no way to counter it.

    • GamerGate is another example of the media not giving a fuck about ‘cleaning’ your image. GamerGate have attempted to distance themselves from anything that could be labelled as ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ and yet they are still marked by the MSM as “evil sexist racist bigots” and frequently linked to “white supremacists”. Once the Kike owned media has a negative image of you, it becomes almost impossible to remove it.

      • GamerGate has been reduced to irrelevance, by ardently saying ‘no really we aren’t all white males we’re not evil listen to us!’ and by focusing on corruption on games journalism, which is what it was officially about, but had only 0.0000001% the importance of the GamerGate meta-narrative, which was about the destructive effects of SJW tactics and control.

        Still, it did wake a lot of people up.

        • Spot on. GamerGate could have had more potential than it does right now but was subverted and is now largely irrelevant. It has still caused effects throughout the gaming community though as you pointed out.


    maybe someone could contact David Duke to conduct debate on this matter?

  14. A few hours after the debate I noticed Fat Jones uploaded part of it titled something like, ‘Confronting A Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan’. If that video isn’t there anymore I suspect he would have deleted it too (or renamed it to “Epic War of Words..”), perhaps making multiple attempts at uploading the ‘perfect’ segments of the video least in David Duke’s favor.

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