The David Duke Show: The 100 % Kosher Deep State Trump Witch Hunt Begins!

David Duke
October 31, 2017

Today Dr. Duke addressed the Ziogarchy that rules America. There is no real difference between the Democrats and Republicans — they are simply two cheeks of the same Zionist ass. People who want to blame our problems on liberals or corporations or Masons or Rothschilds are simply missing the point. The United States is ruled by a Jewish tribal elite that is ruthlessly pursuing what they see as Jewish tribal interests. Mass immigration, multiculturalism, wars for Israel, gun control, etc. are all objectives that Jewish intellectuals have been calling for for decades. There is no other group or force that sees all of this as being in their interests.

Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo also talked about the arrest of Paul Manifort, which is a manifestation of the Jewish deep state effort to take down President Trump and block all the policy initiatives that he campaigned on.

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