The David Duke Show: Sweden Bans Christian and Religious Schools While Exempting Jewish Schools!

David Duke
March 22, 2018

Today Dr. Duke talked about yet another example of Sweden’s Jewish physician-assisted suicide. In an effort to promote the integration of the Muslim hoards into the Swedish gene pool, Sweden’s ruling party is trying to ban religious schools, both Christian and Muslim. However, “Swedish” Jews need not worry as their school is specifically exempt from the ban. He and Dr. Slattery talked about a slew of other examples from various countries of Jews getting special exceptions from rules that apply to everyone else.

He also talked about the situation in South Africa, where whites face total dispossession and destruction. He talked about the history that led up to it, and why the “blame whitey” narrative that has been popularized by the Zio media is wrong.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.