The David Duke Show: Salute to the Hundreds of Courageous Men & Women Supporting The Jackson Monument

David Duke
September 27, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had radio broadcaster Farren Shoaf from North Carolina as his guest for the hour. They first talked about Dr. Duke’s experience on Saturday defending the statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans from a Black Lives Matter mob that came with the intention of tearing it down. Farren Shoaf commented that the mob is acting as if they are the victors in a war, and is the traditional majority population in this country willing to throw in the towel and concede defeat?

Mr. Shoaf then reported on the situation in North Carolina. He said that in addition to the local black population rioting, large numbers of agitators from outside the state (including may white radicals) are being brought in thanks to the sponsorship of George Soros. Despite all the violence and destruction, the media still treats Black Lives Matter as the legitimate representatives of an oppressed people, while ignoring massive violence and discrimination against whites and condemning anyone standing up for white interests as a deplorable racist white supremacist.

This show will get you pumped up. Listen, share and support Dr. David Duke’s Campaign for the U.S. Senate.