The David Duke Show: Round Two with Angelo John Gage

David Duke
September 26, 2015

dude-its-friday-cheer-up-478x300Dr. Duke again addressed The Golden One, a Swedish bodybuilder and YouTuber who released a video critical of Dr. Duke’s emphasis on Jewish power but who is now expressing a better understanding of Dr. Duke’s views. He also brought up an article showing the extent of Zio media conditioning of people of all backgrounds against him. The article quoted a member of a minority group from India condemning the Indian prime minister (whom he accuses of genocide) by comparing him to former “Louisiana Governor David Duke.”T

hen he and Angelo John Gage discussed the conditioning of people by the media. While they don’t want to blame people for being brainwashed, they do feel it is crucial to confront them with reality in order to wake them up.

This is another important show full of useful ideas and information. Please share it widely.