The David Duke Show: Revealing the Jewish Gangster Felix Sater, Who is Ground Zero of the Trump Russian Collusion Hoax

David Duke
March 14, 2018

Today Dr. Duke broke down the details of a new article about the Russia Hoax investigation. According to Zero Hedge, a Jewish felon and long-time FBI informant named Felix Sater was the pivotal person in this case. Emails he sent to the Trump campaign making the empty boast that he could enlist Vladimir Putin’s help in getting Trump elected are central to the case Mueller has built for (((Russian collusion))).

Of course, Sater himself was supposed to make a fortune of the alleged deal, and as an FBI informant had been under the direct supervision of Loretta Lynch when she was a federal prosecutor makes the arrangement just too convenient. Obviously, he could be part of the “insurance policy” that Andrew McCabe and others at the FBI had concocted in order to undermine and overthrow Trump in the event he wound up being elected.

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