The David Duke Show: Race is Real

David Duke
July 16, 2015


Today’s show focused on evolutionary biology. Dr. Duke gave the background on how geographic separation leads different groups, whether animals or people, to develop different traits in order to adapt to different environments. This is the origin of races (subspecies), and if the process continues long enough it can lead to different species.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and discussed lectures from a University of California anthropology course in which the professor spent the entire first class insisting that races in humans are purely social constructs, and then spent the rest of the course teaching science and natural history that completely contradicted that assertion. Doctors Duke and Slattery agreed that there is no way to make good public policy as long as there is no honesty and no freedom of discussion about these most basic facts.

This is a show for people who prefer scientific inquiry to empty sloganeering. Please share it widely.