The David Duke Show: Preserving our Heritage

David Duke
August 7, 2015


Dr. Duke started the show by describing a fascinating video of a baby cuckoo bird, whose egg was laid in a reed warbler’s nest, destroying the eggs of the reed warbler so all of the energies of the reed warbler parents would go towards feeding a nestling that replaced their own genetic heritage. Dr. Duke compared that to the situation in American and Europe today, where so much of the energies of the majority populations are going towards insuring their own replacement by minorities and immigrants.

He then brought on Reverend Dankof, who described the failure to connect the dots by people who are aware of many of our problems but have not diagnosed the Jewish supremacist cause and thus are distracted by candidates pushing false remedies. He relates this to a variety of issues from immigration to the ISIS crisis.

This is another great show that you will not want to miss. Please share it widely.


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