The David Duke Show: Pan-European Unity w/ Germar Rudolf

David Duke
November 20, 2015


Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf discuss the only possible overthrow of the Zionist tyrants: Pan-European Unity!

Dr. Duke once again had the German chemist and researcher Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf, citing demographic trends, pointed out that the indiginous peoples of Europe face the same kind of marginalization and replacement as Amazon Indians or Tibetians face.

They discussed the decline of Christianity in Europe as well as the capture by Zionist power of the remaining Christian institutions. They also agreed on the leading Jewish role in bringing about the conditions that are causing the demise of white Europeans, from immigration policy to anti-white propaganda to the wars that create terrorists.

This is another high-quality show that will stimulate your intellect. Please share it widely.