The David Duke Show: Our Anti-American Jewish-Controlled Foreign Policy

David Duke
August 6, 2015

StewartObscenity-500x280Today Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed a recent Ron Paul interview on Syria in which he criticized American military actions in Syria but failed to point out the Zio American and Israeli responsibility for creating the Syrian Civil War and ISIS Crisis in the first place. Dr. Slattery linked the Middle Eastern Zio Wars (Iraq, Syria, Libya) to the immigration crisis in Europe, which is an added benefit as viewed by Zio tribalists.

They then when on to talk about the impact that Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz (aka Jon Stewart) of the Daily Show has had on America. Stewart’s last show will be tomorrow, and he no doubt has had a major impact on conditioning Americans to accept gay marriage, promoting the anti-white narrative, and mainstreaming pornography and obscenity. Dr. Slattery termed the new obscenity-dependent American vernacular “Zio Newspeak,” commenting that even more than the artificial language created by Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984, Zio Newspeak corrupts our English Language and renders our people inarticulate.

This is a powerful and educational show that you will want to share widely.