The David Duke Show: Media Lies About Duke and Trump

David Duke
December 31, 2015


Today Dr. Duke responded to the constant lies about him in the media. Major outlets are reporting that the “long-time KKK leader” [sic] is calling Donald Trump “more radical” than himself. The fact is that Dr. Duke, who a long time ago was involved in a non-violent group, commented that Trump sometimes speaks more radically in that he is not careful about chosing his words and thus uses radical-sounding rhetoric.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery who talked about how labels like Communist and leftist can be misleading, because now that the neocons have taken over the Republican party even people labeled as Conservatives or rightist are engaging in activities such as population surveillance in ways Bolsheviks could only have dreamed of. The real issue is Zionist Jewish tribalism, which comes in right and left varieties and is fundamentally hostile to the interest of the majority of the population.


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