The David Duke Show: Live with a Hungarian Journalist Who’s on the Front Lines Defending Europe from Invasion

David Duke
October 2, 2015

Hungary, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015. Leaders of the United Nations refugee agency warned Tuesday that Hungary faces a bigger wave of 42,000 asylum seekers in the next 10 days and will need international help to provide shelter on its border, where newcomers already are complaining bitterly about being left to sleep in frigid fields. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Dr. Duke started asking why Germany was being expected to take on hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants when nearby Arab petro-states could host these migrants without the cultural shock that comes with differences in religion and language. For instance, Saudi Arabia has six times the land area as Germany, has a higher per capita income, and has a history of importing large numbers of foreign workers.

Dr. Duke then spoke to Hungarian journalist Monica Varga about the refugee crisis that is going on in Europe. She testified to the problems the migrants are causing, pointing out that they are overwhelmingly young men, with few women or children. She also spoke of the leading Jewish role in promoting this tsunami-gration. This raises the question of why the Jews want to be so charitable to Muslims when they are in Europe but are so blood-thirsty against Muslims when they are in the Middle East.