The David Duke Show: Jews Sterilize Blacks in Israel While Flooding the West with Them

David Duke
November 29, 2017

Today Dr. Duke went into the open and blatant anti-black racism that exists in Israel on a scale unimaginable anywhere else. He brought up the issue of the Israeli government having forcibly injected Ethiopian Jews living in Israel as Israeli citizens with birth control because, well, because they don’t want them to reproduce. By the way, policies designed at preventing the reproduction of a people in whole or in part is one of the international legal definitions of genocide.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government is expelling 40,000 African asylum seekers from places like South Sudan and Eritrea. They are paying the government of Rwanda $5000 for each asylum seeker then accept, plus paying the individuals $3500 each, which, by the way, is the price charged by human traffickers to smuggle them to Europe. Some Cohen-cidence!