The David Duke Show: Jewish Media Lying Spin on the Anti-White Kidnapping & Torture

David Duke
January 7, 2017

Today Dr. Duke had British activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They started off by talking about the horrific black on white torture incident in Chicago. While there have been plenty of cases like this in the past that never got any attention, a combination of heightened sensitivity among whites due to the rise of the Alt-right media and the fact that one of the black women involved livestreamed the crime on her Facebook page.

They went on to talk about the violence and mayhem in the Swedish city of Malmo on New Years Eve. Malmo, which just a few decades ago was an idyllic port city with no discernible Muslim population, is now on the verge of becoming majority non-Swedish, and also a no-go zone for police. They noted the Jewish leading role in promoting immigration in both Europe and America, to say nothing of the weaponization of the black population against whites through non-stop media incitement.

This was another fascinating show that you will want to share widely.