The David Duke Show: Jewish Genocidal Political Leader Celebrates Germanic Genocide!

David Duke
July 30, 2015


Today Dr. Duke delved into the disconnect between self-described anti-racist progressives who are quick to accuse whites of every crime under the sun but are completely blind to the obvious Jewish racism and the widespread discrimination that non-Jewish whites are subjected to. He looked at the example of Gregor Gysi, the part-Jewish leader of the German Party of the Left, who vocally celebrates the demographic collapse of the ethnic German people.

He shows that the agenda of the “left” is actually lead by Jewish “anti-Zionist Zionists,” who maintain safe limits for any discussion of Zionist power but also push an agenda that is very destructive of the white majority. He brings on Dr. Slattery, who says that these anti-Zionist Zionists are the mirror image of the Jewish Neocons who control the agenda of the “right” in such a way as to make patriotic conservatives the enthusiastic partisans of whatever the America-hating Israeli leadership pushes for.

Talk about an enlightening show. Shine the light on your friends and relatives!