The David Duke Show: Jew Chef Anthony Bourdain’s Call for White Genocide

David Duke
March 4, 2017

Today Dr. Duke had author Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke has been in a Twitter battle with CNN food show host (((Anthony Bourdain))) over the past 24 hours. Bourdain and a guest on his show last year had a conversation about how the only way to do away with the scourge of racism is to have everyone interbreed so that there are no more whites, just capuccino-colored people.

Dr. Duke quoted the UN protocol on genocide to demonstrate that what Bourdain is promoting actually fits the definition of genocide according to international law. He and Mr. Collett when on to make impassioned appeals to white people to wake up to the tragedy that is unfolding around them and take their countries back from the Jewish supremacists that have usurped them.

This is truly inspirational listening. Please share it widely.