The David Duke Show: Interview with Tommy Sotomayor

David Duke
August 27, 2015


Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Tommy (TJ) Sotomayor, an outspoken African American radio host. They had a far-reaching discussion on the destruction of the black community due to the cultural pollution that is being spewed out by the Jewish media elite.

Their discussion covered the destructive nature of gangsta rap, the media’s active promotion of interracial dating, and crime within the black community. Dr. Duke expressed his admiration for Mr. Sotomayor and the work he is doing in bringing the truth to his African American listeners. Hopefully his message will help lessen black hatred and violence against Europeans as well as the destruction of the African American community.

This is a great show that demonstrates the potential for blacks and whites alike to recognize the common interests they have in standing up to the Jewish supremacist power structure in America. Please spread it around.



  1. The only reason this MIGHT BE a positive is if it can redirect some of the Black hate away from YT and onto the real enemy. That’s about it. This guy “TJ” seems at times to be an “African Nationalist” who supports separation of the races, and maybe even some kind of “Back to Africa” movement (?) On the latter issue he has my full support.

  2. I’m sorry, I watched ten seconds, all I saw was two opposite ends of the genetic spectrum: a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white guy and a fucking monkey. What is the point of having a meeting of minds with them?? The only thing whites need to do is get these goddamn apes out of our society!

  3. Now, wait a minute…if i think hitler’s kinda irrelevant today, then i’m a jew loving liberal sheep-tard who can’t get with the program, but I’m supposed to admire these african american friends, now? The people i am almost attacked by on a daily basis, who hate my guts, and who would beat me into a coma if they detected one moment of weakness in me? I really don’t think so.

  4. This just highlights the general lack of understanding among WN’s.

    Between nigger and the Duke of Hazards, God please separate the wheat and tares.

  5. That black man has a kitty. His black man brain is highly irregular based on that alone.

  6. I think Tommy frequents WN sites bc he uses terms like “Chimpout” and “Nigglets”.

  7. Sotomayor is lightsyears better than that fat goblin cyclops Jonesstein with his behind the curtain jewish control boy.

  8. i love tommy sotomayor chimp out song ( )
    i give him that and its pretty funny listening to him bash niggers
    he is wright most of the time on the so called nigga nature

  9. Good show. It would be great to have some black separatist movement.

  10. Good points and admissions made by the soul brother

  11. What’s with the picture of the hood eyed nigger trying to stare down us whiteys?

    I think this is a bit more appropriate for this article:

  12. Peak negro innovation. I guess it is better that he is not out raping and killing. He constructed that “chopper” to get some hoes and shit.

    • To quote Dr. Duke: “This is a great show that demonstrates the potential for blacks and whites alike to recognize the common interests they have in standing up to the Jewish supremacist power structure in America. Please spread it around.” With all due respect Ronnie, Duke’s performance at the Jonestown Massacre was a huge victory for us and posting this under his article and audio is just wrong man. You can’t get mad at a fish because he can’t climb a tree which is basically what you’re doing here. If Sotomayor agrees that gangsta rap, interracial dating, and black crime is wrong I would make him King of the Black community in America in a heartbeat.

  13. Blacks were doing just fine in the 50s during segregation. We need to go back to that ASAP.

    • I’d rather things go back to the 1750’s. When we had the niggers all chained together we could keep a better eye on them. If they so much as looked at a white woman wrong they’d get whipped.

      Even in the 1950’s the niggers were running amok raping white women. It wasn’t a peaceful time at all.

  14. As much as I respect Dr. Duke I think he is wasting his time trying to reach out to niggers. While this one nigger might understand the problems and tries to uplift the negro community, the overwhelming majority of niggers are simply beyond help. He is one of the talented tenth. An anomaly within the race; I’d compare it to retardation in a sense. A deviation from the normal. He is not representative of your typical run of the mill nigger. In fact, even celebrating this nigger is deceiving to outsiders who are may be prone to generalize the race as a whole based on this one nigger.

    • Sotomayor’s listeners now know of a heroic White man named Dr. Duke who’s told them that they should redirect their anger at Jews rather than Whites.
      I approve of this.

      • Absolutely. The Jews & Cultural Marxist fears this and will use every rhetorical trick to maintain the division and wedge between Whites & Blacks. Take a look at the immigration issue that Trump speaks of. The Left tries to label anyone bringing up this issue as “racist” yet Blacks are big losers with immigration and the Hispancization of America.

        Regardless of the differences among Blacks & Whites, a common belief system existed with Christianity of which the Jews & Marxist want to destroy. Christianity was that “glue” that help to bind both groups as Americans. The Jewish control of the Black “leadership” has destroyed the Black community.

    • I agree with all the points made, however I do think it’s poor strategy on behalf of Stormers to go after Dr Duke because he interviewed this atypical negro. Even interviews like this still get the real message out there, and that’s what counts in the end. CRITICAL MASS!! Identify the hooknosed villain ! Once this is achieved, then all other issues can be solved in short order!

    • Sotomayor knows that most of them are a lost cause, and has said that the ghettos should be walled off and the assholes allowed to starve.

      • Yeah after reading that on Kyle’s great article, I retract my statement about Sotomayer being an “educated” negro, and even more emphatically insist on not trying to reason with blacks. They’re not worth the time and are incapable of doing so. ALL of them.

    • I absolutely agree. Blacks aren’t interested in the truth or what’s right: they are only concerned with what is good for blacks. Just because this black knows his race is a failure doesn’t change a thing. His view represents .0000001% of the negro population and their thinking (if you can call it that) process. We have irreconcilable differences that can only be resolved by separation. Duke might as well been talking to himself because no negro will side with Whites. Ever. Period.

      • Free Matt Hale, buddy. I don’t where to go anymore, all these nazi sites kick me off for not pretending I’m a nazi soldier, Duke apparently likes niggers, now, Alex Jones is completely insane and anti-racist, so is Glenn Beck, they just delete everything I do. Where the fuck is a NORMAL, RACIST WHITE GUY supposed to go?! And I know the jews are fucking us but we HAVE TO GET THE NORMAL WHITE PEOPLE TO BE RACIST! Am I right? If u can’t get whites to see darkies as a threat, how’re you gonna get them to stop jews?? I ax you.

    • The Proletariat Barista

      Dude, the guy has a bunch of videos coaching nogs on how to rape, er… “date” White women. He also supports black on White violence. Trying to get black support is a waste of time. We don’t need them.

    • I think I just lost whatever respect I had for Duke. Can anybody tell me the value of having these useless apes understand or agree with us?

  15. TJ Sotomayor is pretty cool and funny.
    not all black people are dumb, ignorant or violent.
    its just that they are less intelligent generally and more prone to violence because of genetics. at least when they are around white people.
    we should just support agricultural projects in africa and stop whatever exploiting we are still doing over there( i know its not much and most is done by jews with their diamond monopoly for example).
    then create segregation in the USA and other white countries with many blacks and actually give the REAL black leaders a chance to better their communities( during segregation blacks had WAY WAy better communities).
    not give the blacks leaders like the dumb monkeys Obamaitzvah and ML Kingbergstein!!!
    then it should work.
    seriously the thing that fucked up blacks most was desegregation combined with jewish media telling them to hate whites and whorship gangsta rappers with gold teeth.

    • I’m still in favor for the Africa solution. The continent is bigger than EU and USA combined and has not been properly used for the last 100.000 years. If they don’t re-claim Africa, the Chinese will.

      Simple as that.

      • yeah but there are already 1 billion blacks there with GIGANTIC birth-rates.
        you have to first close the borders and let NOBODY out of there and fucking make clear to them that they can only have 2 children for some time especially with their economic situations.
        when you SHUT DOWN the borders even dindus will eventually get it or have to live with the consequences (famines).
        if this problem is solved( the biggest threat imo) then you can think about the african solution. maybe it wont be necesarry because the segregation worked or maybe it will be necessary and possible…
        but dindus have to be dealt with but if they actually had decent leaders like Sotomayor it would be way easier.

        • Dude, the niggers are a lost cause.

          I’m only for segregation as far as it will get the niggers the hell out of my community. After we separate our races, I want us to immediately start dropping nerve gas on them and wipe them out.

          It’s US or THEM, and I’m not taking any chances.

          • Are we seriously leaving these comments under David Duke’s work? What the fuck is this shit? You want to gas these poor bastards because they’re Blacks? Do you strangle puppies and eat kittens for breakfast? Give them a one way ticket to Africa but nerve gas? Why don’t we turn them into lampshades and bars of soap while were at it. Wait, is this Ben Garrison? Fuck. It all makes sense now.

        • Africa had High Birth rates due to white intervention. Let them produce their own food, water and waste treatment plants and see how that works out

      • I agree, and with the proper guidance I believe they can find success.

        • Is that supposed to be an attempt at humor? Niggers are the antithesis of success. No amount of guidance or funding can remake their genetic code that results in destruction and chaos. It really is time to simply write off the nigger and cease to have faith of the impossibility of some sort of transformation in their lifestyles. It just won’t happen.

          • The Daily Stormer needs more articles on race being real and on the different IQs between the races. Its to bad that we are so overwhelmed by the lying Marxists.

          • AmRen covers that pretty thoroughly. It’d be somewhat redundant (and heavy) to do here.

          • Guidance, like, –> this way to Africa guidance. That’s probably what he meant.

          • south africa was doing fine until the dindus took over, with help from the juden of course. what I am suggesting is that aryans implement themselves as a benevolent ruling class. with aryan leadership these africans can be put to good use.

  16. This is totally awesome to the max!

  17. I saw them both on youtube a few days ago, and I must say it was a very good show! we should all be thanking Dr.Duke and Mr.Sotomayor for helping to get the word out about these evil kikes!

  18. BS no such thing !!! either you are for the white race or you are not …

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