The David Duke Show: How the Nefarious Jewish Power in Government and Media Has Been Revealed Recently

David Duke
January 13, 2017

Today Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery looked that the full-court press put on Donald Trump by the Jewish power establishment. They looked at Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election and dissected the good, the bad, and the Zionist. The talked about Rex Tillerson’s grown-up response to the child-like questions from Zio-puppet Congresscucks like Senators Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio.

They then went on to point out the insanity of considering Israel to be an “ally” or a “democracy.” Israel, and organized Jewry in general, are the number one threat to world peace and to humanity in general. They went through a list of examples of Jewish hostility towards the goyim, from promotion of mass immigration to responsibility for the major wars of the past century.

This was a great show that you will want to share widely.