The David Duke Show: How the Jews Use the Word “Anti-Semitism” as a Weapon Against Us

David Duke
May 2, 2018

Today Dr. Duke had Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South as his guest for the hour. The had a fascinating conversation about the state of the United States today and how it got to be this way. The talked about the role of Jews as a group in transforming our country into something it was never intended to be, in effect stealing it from the people who founded it and giving it out to anyone willing to throw their lots with the Jewish interlopers.

The also discussed the use and meaning of the term “anti-semite.” Like all other aspects of Jewish power, it is extremely difficult to talk about anti-semitism because it can be used against someone who merely states his very reasonable opposition to the crimes of Israel or even his recognition of the phenomenon of Jewish power. Yet their has been a brainwashing campaign to equate even these most reasonable of positions with a supposed extermination plan against all Jews. This effectively stifles all discussion.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.