The David Duke Show: How Bogus Polls and Lying (((Media))) Corrupt Politics

David Duke
September 29, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had Professor Andrew Joyce and Dr. Patrick Slattery as his guests. They talked about how polls can be used not to measure public opinion but to manipulate it. Dr. Duke gave the example of JMC Analytics, which has a website that states “We provide candidates and issue advocacy groups with strategic guidance in the areas of public opinion polling… and ‘what it takes to win’ analyses” and lists themselves as a member of the American Association of Political consultants. One of Dr. Duke’s election rivals employed the firm to conduct a poll, and the media has been reporting it as if somehow it is a legitimate poll.

Even the polls conducted by major news firms are suspect. With the political biases of NBC, CNN, and the rest so obvious in their reporting, does anyone really think that their biases would not also be reflected in their “opinion polls.” Dr. Duke and his guest discuss the various means employed to manipulate results and manipulate voters.

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